It’s easy!

1. Choose Your Site

Suggested cleanup sites are on the map. Locations within the City of Pinole with paved walking paths are recommended for children.

2. Get ready to collect data

Before your cleanup, install the Marine Debris Tracker app on your phone or tablet. Trash app instructions

Or complete this form and send a copy to or email us for a mailing address.

3. Clean up safely

Don’t forget your hat, water and gloves. Use a hand-operated trash-grabber if you have one, and don’t collect hazardous materials!

This quick video posted by Contra Costa RCD for Coastal Cleanup Month has more safety tips:  CCRCD video

4. Share your cleanup!

Please tell us about your cleanup – Where did you go? What did you find?

You can post your cleanup photos on our Facebook and Instagram sites @friendsofpinolecreek

— or email the photo and we will post it.

Questions? please contact