When collecting litter along this trail, please wear close-toed shoes and disposable gloves. Follow COVID19 guidance including social distancing and wearing face masks. Use a trash grabber for wipes, masks, gloves, and other PPE. Count but do not pick up needles, human waste, or other hazards.

Week 4 of Coastal Cleanup Month

Thanks to your efforts, the creekside trails in Pinole are much cleaner, especially the trail between Henry and San Pablo Avenues and most of the Bay Trail to Railroad Avenue. We still find trash on the Railroad Avenue Trail and Henry Avenue near Sprouts. Those are good destinations for your cleanup.

2 New Short Videos for Coastal Cleanup Month…
Animation and scenes of Wildcat Creek Watershed are a fun way to explain Where Trash Travels and how it moves from our streets to the ocean.
…by Contra Costa Resource Conservation District

Thanks for Posting Cleanup Photos!

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Play Cleanup Bingo!

You may win a $25 gift card! Bingo card and rules are attached, more information is at the Contra Costa Resource Conservation District’s 2020 Coastal Cleanup page and Facebook page @CCRCD.

How-To Videos

Learn about safe cleanups and the Marine Debris Tracker citizen science app

The Watershed Project:


Contra Costa Resource Conservation District: https://www.facebook.com/CCRCD/videos/341978380263316

Questions? Please contact us at info@friendsofpinolecreek.org

Friends of Pinole Creek Watershed
September is Coastal Cleanup Month…
Clean the Shore from Your Front Door!

The Friends of Pinole Creek Watershed (FOPCW) are partnering with the California Coastal Commission, The Watershed Project, and the Contra Costa Resource Conservation District to pick up trash along Pinole Creek and the Bay.

In 2020, Californians won’t have group Coastal Clean-up Day events as in the past, but caring for our creek and the bay is as important as ever. This year, clean-ups will be self-guided. We’ll use our own tools and dispose of collected trash at home.

How FOPCW Will Celebrate 2020 Coastal Cleanup Month

There will be contests, short educational videos, and other family activities hosted by the Contra Costa Resource Conservation District. We will send updates each week.

Questions? Contact us at info@friendsofpinolecreek.org