Photo of Henry Avenue Bridge over Pinole Creek

Henry Avenue Bridge 

Coronavirus Update

The FoPCW board members have decided we must postpone public gatherings until the shelter-in-place orders are lifted. During the coronavirus crisis we encourage you to safely get outdoors and walk along the creek. There is rest and peace in watching the ducks or egrets, looking for river otters, encouraging any unseen steelhead to swim up the creek, or simply watching the wind along the water. And consider picking up litter along the way. If you want to collect litter while out walking, use a trash grabber and gloves, and dispose of the trash in a trailside trash can. During the hardship of sheltering in place, we can face anxiety by doing good, no matter how small.

We wish you and your family health and peace.

We invite you to be a part of the next chapter of Pinole Creek Watershed stewardship! Please sign up for FOPCW email announcements by contacting Lisa Anich at

Friends of Pinole Creek Watershed

The Pinole Creek Watershed unifies a diverse community that is actively involved in its stewardship. Pinole Creek is a central feature of the landscape, and hosts a healthy riparian habitat, including a native steelhead trout population. Its clean waters are safe for children to play in, a creek-side trail links parks, schools, and  neighborhoods.

Our goals are to increase awareness and to provide quality educational opportunities for the general public to study the value of this natural resource and to accumulate and afford financial support for these goals. We will promote and support the identification, assessment and monitoring and contibute to the restoration planning process of Pinole Creek,  its watershed and wetlands.


Mouth of Pinole Creek Mouth of Pinole Creek, flowing into San Pablo Bay